1 Abstract

Saturn (STN) is pioneering the use of ERC223 tokens in hybrid off-chain/on-chain dapps. Modern blockchains, while highly inefficient for data storage, providing low-latency data feed and performing compute-intensive tasks, provide the means to build businesses with an unprecedented level of trust between the business, its investors and its customers. Instead of blindly trusting the business to be honest1 with providing requested metrics and reports, to secure2 sensitive customer information, and to protect3 their customers from hacks it is now possible to offload all sensitive transactions to the blockchain while retaining the benefits of traditional compute frameworks, getting the best of both worlds.

Products built with Saturn are:

  • Safe to use. You never have to disclose any personally identifiable information (PII), making you immune to censorship and corporate hacks, such as the one that happened to Target.
  • Upgradeable. Technology moves fast, and today businesses have to constantly improve their products in order to stay competitive in the market. Our library of dapp plugins allows businesses to upgrade their offering at their own pace, while keeping user interface simple and consistent.
  • Transparent. All financial transactions and certificate issuance happen on Ethereum blockchain, rendering this information impossible to forge.

In this whitepaper we describe the core token implementation and demonstrate the power of Saturn plugins using Rados as an example.

  1. Enron famously manipulated the market with disinformation http://www.investopedia.com/updates/enron-scandal-summary/

  2. Target failed to secure their servers and leaked 40 million credit cards

  3. Microsoft and Siemens failed to protect their clients from an American-Israeli cyberweapon Stuxnet