4 Saturn Plugins

A Saturn plugin is a smart contract that can handle incoming and outbound Saturn token transactions. In order to prevent accidental ERC20 token or ETH loss Saturn plugins are written in such a way that they only accept STN tokens.

The lineup of available plugins will grow with time, as more people get involved with Saturn businesses and demand new functionality. Here are some example plugins that Rados is looking to implement.

4.1 Course Certificate Issuance

Rados’s mission is to educate and provide quality data and learning materials to cryptocurrency investors. In order to fulfill this mission Rados will provide online courses, similar to how Coursera and Udacity teach software engineering and other subjects.

Each course on Rados will come with an accompanying smart contract that will be used to process payments for the course and to issue certificates to those who pass the course. Blockchain is the perfect medium for certificate issuance because it’s uncensorable, and you can anonymously prove that you have indeed passed the course just by sharing your ETH wallet address.

For example, let’s say you are looking for smart-contract developers for a security audit of your project. Because of extremely high demand big-name organizations will not accept any incoming requests unless you know the founders personally. This leaves you with no choice but to look for auditors online, and right now there is no way to assess someone’s proficiency if they don’t have a portfolio. And new developers cannot get projects for portfolio because nobody chooses them as they have no reputation doing audits. With Rados certificates you’ll be able to verify that a developer has successfully completed the course, as well as see how many people have enrolled in a course, how many dropped out, and what the grade distribution looks like.

4.2 Rewards Program

It’s hard to imagine a modern business that hasn’t at least tried to create a viable loyalty/rewards program. Hotels have reward points, airlines have miles, Reddit has karma.

The downside of the majority of existing reward programs is that they lock you in and you typically have to spend more money in order to claim your points. Essentially, instead of rewarding you, the companies are rewarding themselves by pulling you in to make another purchase for some sweet discount.

If only you could spend unused airline miles right from your wallet at the current exchange rate! The fact that you are often unable to do so is because today the banking system essentially subsidizes the airline industry by luring you in with points that are frequently unspent. The Economist estimates that there are between 17 and 22 TRILLION unused miles8 in 20149.

Saturn is a great way to integrate an honest reward system into your dapp. You can dedicate a portion of your business’s revenue in STN into a rewards contract, and programmatically mint rewards tokens based on user’s interaction with the dapp (for example, when you complete a degree on Rados, or if you stake a certain amount of STN). These reward tokens will also conform to ERC223 standard, making them tradeable and exchangeable. And the holder of these tokens will be entitled to claim STN from the rewards pool in the amount proportional to the percentage of total Rados Rewards market cap.

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